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But that just doesn’t sound right.

It’s 2007, and there’s still no good solution out there when looking for non-mainstream music digitally. People want a place where they can find most everything they’re looking for, and it came the closest to anything out there. I often said that I’d happily pay a monthly fee for it so that the money could go back to the artists. There is no other site out there with that kind of selection, those transfer speeds, that ease of use. (And part of what made it so good was the speeds thanks to the strict ratio requirements.)

Wake up, record labels. The reason why many people use sites like this is because they can’t find anything close to a comparable legitimate solution. And if they’re willing to donate to it, chances are they’re willing to give to artists too. Further, part of its allure was exactly that it had a wide selection of non-RIAA indie and electronic music. In fact, I think many of its users would have happily stayed if every single RIAA track had been stripped.

But people are too stubborn, finger pointing at the “pirates.” Many of these pirates want to support artists too (notice I said artists), and there’s still no sensible solution out there.

It’s been 8 years since Napster, you’d think someone could figure something out.

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