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artwork: respect is burning

Okay, recently I was writing about my own stupidity in throwing out my old mixtapes and CDs and other good things. Well it turns out that I wasn’t in fact *that* stupid. Phew.

Back in 1998, Daft Punk played an amazing set at then-superclub Twilo, alongside Cassius. This was the height of the French House mania (even in the States), and a lineup like that was not to be missed. Neil Aline organized the whole thing — together with the Respect is Burning team in Paris.

A legendary night — I snuck in even though I was too young..shhh — with a legendary group of performers. I remember sitting by the side bar next to the DJ booth in Twilo with my friend getting our picture taken by, who else, the guy that now does lastnightsparty.com.

So my friend had access to Daft’s incredible set straight from the source. And there were only a few copies of this in the world…

Till now.

Daft Punk - Live at Twilo (Part 1)

Tracklisting anyone?

P.S. Check the Home Taping Edit of Palmsout Remix Sunday if you haven’t already.

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