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So the wikipedia entry for Blog House appears to have fleshed out quite a bit from the last time we saw it. Maybe it really does exist! Wikipedia said so!

And now that we can get endless amounts of not-yet-fully-but-almost-finished edits online, should we just throw our dance parties virtually?

Just ask Red Foxx.


No. Staying home and dancing on Second Life is super retarded and never will be cool.

1) You can’t really fuck on second life.
2) You’re not really dancing.
3) You can’t get someone extra drunk buying them drinks and then have a
better opportunity to fuck them.
4) You can’t do coke in the bathroom with a slut in Second Life.
5) You can’t make out with someone on a dancefloor in Second Life.
6) It’s not real.


But oh wait, it’s already been done. SBT.

And Baltimoroder’s shit is too cool to be played in Second Life anyway.

Alter Ego & Ghost Writers - Ghost Musick (Baltimoroder Remix)

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