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home taping is eating music
artwork: remix of original by a cherry blossom girl

I threw out all of my tapes recently. It was somewhat unintentional, as I was caught up in moving and the pressure to get rid of things, but unfortunately it was only after the fact that I realized what a stupid thing it was to do. At the time, I remember thinking, well I can get it all digitally anyway, who needs these shitty, low quality analog tapes? Right?

But the thing is, even if I had the tracklisting from every single mixtape (which I unfortunately don’t), it wouldn’t be the same. Even that mix that’s slightly off beat, that overlaid vocal, or better (worse?) yet, that semi-unintentional trainwreck would serve to make a tape what it was.

When you throw out physical things, they’re often gone forever. Luckily, though, the vast expanse of information that we all know and love makes finding things made of 1s and 0s a lot easier. And thanks to that, DJ Die Young (our newest contributor!) has cooked up a hot mix of the recent home taping dishes. And regardless of your feelings on meat, you can find yourself a nice plate of Goose right along with it!

DJ Die Young - Home Taping Hot Mix

Scissor Sisters - She’s My Man (Goose Remix)

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